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How Your Chiropractor Treats Back Pain After an Auto Accident

After sustaining back injuries in an auto accident, many people in the Phoenix area head to a chiropractic care center. Chiropractic treatment can provide rapid back pain relief, enabling car crash victims to focus on handling the aftermath of the collision. For sustained relief of pain and healing of the underlying musculoskeletal dysfunction, a chiropractor will recommend a personalized treatment plan. therapy treatment for woman with injured knee

Chiropractic Assessment

Your chiropractic care will begin with an in-depth assessment. Your chiropractor will ask you about your medical history and about the car accident. You’ll be asked to provide detailed information about your symptoms, including whether certain movements make your pain worse or better. Then, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam. This will likely include palpation along your back to identify problem areas such as subluxations. After fully evaluating your medical issues, your chiropractor will discuss your treatment recommendations.

Chiropractic Adjustments

One common chiropractic treatment is the adjustment. This involves the use of precise physical force to nudge the structures of the spine back into the proper alignment. In turn, this releases pressure on the nerves and relieves pain. When the spine is properly aligned, the underlying musculoskeletal dysfunction has the opportunity to heal itself. There are various techniques for adjustments. To adjust your upper back, for example, you may be asked to lie down on your stomach. The chiropractor will locate the problem area, ask you to take a breath and exhale, and apply force to correct the spinal alignment. Adjustments do not cause pain; in fact, you’ll likely feel immediate relief.

Muscle Relaxation

Another common therapy for auto accident survivors is muscle relaxation. One effective method of inducing muscle relaxation and easing muscle spasms is to use a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device. The chiropractor will strategically position electrodes on your skin and then turn on the device. The electrical impulses help relax the soft tissues and relieve pain.

Specialized Exercises

Your chiropractic care won’t necessarily end when you leave the office. Your chiropractor may demonstrate specialized stretches and exercises for you to do at home. These exercises can help you rehabilitate your back injury in between chiropractic appointments.

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